THE COVERALLS – While The Coveralls have View More: http://mattandrewsphotography.pass.us/jsblcestablished themselves as full-tilt rock-and-roll heavies on the bar scene, their unique versatility and warm energy make them highly requested for Knoxville area parties. They seamlessly move through the decades covering 60s, 70s 80s, 90s and popular hits from 2000 to today. The Coveralls are: Bryan “The Boss” Garvey, Chris “The Captain” Canada, Joe E. Mayhem, and Dave “The Animal” Campbell. At OCCJ 2017, expect to hear favorites from Bruno Mars, Billy Idol, The Cars, and Third Eye Blind. For more information, check out thecoverallsrock.com.

TEEN SPIRIT – Knoxville’s only pure 90’s experience. View More: http://mattandrewsphotography.pass.us/jsblc Silk Shirts, Chain Wallets, Neon, Flight Suits, Rollerblades…..get ready to go back in time. www.facebook.com/SoundsliketeenspiritTN/.

VINYL TAP – Knoxville-based 80s tribute band. View More: http://mattandrewsphotography.pass.us/jsblc Matt McWhirter, Vicki Cunningham May, Mitch Moore, Mark Goodson, and Mark Vowell www.facebook.com/vinyltapknox/.

BEN WILSON – Touring songwriter for the past View More: http://mattandrewsphotography.pass.us/jsblc 18 years, Ben has recently claimed Asheville as his home. Eleven albums, 2 charted songs, various songwriting awards, and more than 2000 live shows later, Ben continues playing Folk Rock originals as well as Americana and Acoustic classics. You can check out some of Ben’s originals here.