The Cause:

Autism Site Knoxville is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community support center that serves as a central autism hub for information distribution, caregiver support, social opportunities, family recreation, and autism training opportunities for the entire community.

With 1 in 68 children born this year expected to receive a diagnosis on the autism spectrum, a growing local population of children, care givers, and adults with autism utilize this home away from home where they can find autism resources, support, understanding, education, and recreation.

Autism Site Knoxville serves as a “first stop” resource center for parents whose children have just been diagnosed with autism as well as for relocating families who have children with autism.

ASK organizes social opportunities for individuals with autism of all ages and their families, both inside the ASK center and out and about in the community.

Autism Site Knoxville believes our community has great potential for fostering an autism-friendly environment. We believe individuals with autism and their families should feel welcome no matter where they go—whether it is school, church, a museum, or a restaurant. To help create this welcoming environment in our region, ASK is developing modules for autism training of local businesses, spiritual leaders, daycares, dentists, hotels, restaurants, and parents & caregivers.

Autism Site Knoxville Programs Include:

Preschool Playtime
Teen Nights
Social Nights for Adults with ASD
Autism Family Days
Summer Art Workshops
Free Parent Education
Family Fun Friday Nights
Community Training
Middle School Mornings
Sensory-Friendly Movies
Mom’s Day Out
Out & About Playgroups

Check out for information on events and programs.